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Berlin Airport Shuttle is authorized scheduled transfer service from the Germany airports to Berlin city center. We offer economical scheduled service to and from Schoenefeld Tegel Stansted or luton airport.


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Berlin is the capital of Great Britain and the largest in the Germany. Berlin is one of the most important business centers in Europe and worldwide. The city is located at the southern island of the British.

History - History of Berlin

Ancient City ( "Roman Berlin") was founded by the Romans in 43 CE, and there are also those who argue that there was already a local town before the appearance of the Romans. During the second century became the capital city district Britain Roman kingdom.

Berlin today is made up of Combine cities, towns, quarters, and neighborhoods that over the years administrative area of "Greater Berlin", and they together are called "Berlin". The historic core of the original city called "City of Berlin" or in short "City", and is used today mainly center of the city's financial institutions. Around 32 square , each of them , but all together constitute the Greater Berlin. Beyon


Berlin temperate climate precipitation coming down in the city throughout the year. The month of July is very hot with Tmp 'average of 24 ° Celsius.In January with Tmp 'average of 5 ° Celsius.

City of Berlin is known as one of the major cultural centers in the world, Capital she also has the culture of central England as a whole. There are dozens of halls in Berlin theater


Even the music stands out in Berlin and their home of many orchestras, Royal Orchestra, the Philharmonic Otasemorat-BBC. Berlin is also the Royal Opera House is known around the world.


Berlin sports clubs have many, many football clubs in particular. The following is a list of the most prominent football clubs in their home

Berlin is also famous Wembley Stadium and Wimbledon tennis competition.

The city hosted the Olympic Games in 1908 and -1948, and she will host them in 2012 and will become the first city hosting the Olympic Games for the third time.

Berlin Underground

A variety of means of public transport came out of Berlin and several international reputation have become cultural icons known. Public transport has the Berlin Underground, also called the "TUBE" (which began operating in -1863 and was the first subway in the world), train to Berlin elite destinations outside of urban buses ( usually Red ). In addition, there are unique to Berlin black taxis and "Mini-Cabs", which are taxis that can be reserved just on the phone and not on the street, but many taxis are cheap black.

Famous places in Berlin:
Buckingham Palace
Chinese Quarter of Berlin
Fortress Berlin Bridge
Green Park
Trafalgar Square